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PASTEL by lilymxm featuring a pastel vase

White ruffle shirt
£22 -

Pink choker necklace
£6.06 -

Tasha hair accessory
£18 -

Pastel vase


Sunday, 15 January 2017


As you may or may not know I am currently a fashion student, so its essential that I have all of my sewing equipment on hand when I am creating garments or tailoring.  I feel this will be handy for anyone who wants to start sewing and garment making, or for anyone who is interested in starting a fashion or textile course themselves.

So I got my sewing box from the little habadashiory shop that's not far from my house, However I know that you can get boxes like this from any arts and craft store (the patterned ones) however my first sewing box was simply just a plastic container. So its really just personally preference.

What's inside?

My sewing box consists of multiple ribbons and cottons, I have a habit of picking ribbons up where ever I go, especially if they are really cute! I also have a small collection of scissors, all for different purposes, for example: cutting fabric, cottons and trimming edges. I then have a shelf that is full of all my most used items. these are things like sewing and embroidery needles, pins, measuring tapes, safety pins and thimbles.

I get all of the above from either my local habadashiory, arts and craft store or fabric shop. In Habadashiory things such as pins and sewing needles usually are only sold in small packets and can sometimes be quite pricey so the better option is to browse your local arts and craft store to pick up some better deals. I always make sure I'm topped up with all of my essentials as I'm forever losing pins and needles.

I can't stress how helpful these little boxes are when you're sewing on the go, everything that's in my sewing box is certainly not everything I own... as I would have about 30 boxes to fill, however just having this small box  is super handy for keen sewing bees!!

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As we all know its absolutely freezing outside recently (unless you living in Miami of course 😜)  so its literally key to be able to be super warm and cosy as well as looking totally gorgeous... So here is 7 of my most warn must haves of the winter season!


Every girls guilty pleasure... Winter is the all time season to slay your big fluffy coats and scarfs without looking anything but sassy. with loads of texture and colour this statement easily completes any outfit without a doubt. plus its super soft and warm.. all round winter wardrobe keeper!

My fav item of faux fur?

This winter I'm in love with quilted coats that have the faux fur around the neck line. The full fur coat is also slowly become one of my favourites as well.


I can not explain to you the love and comfort I get from wearing jeggings every day. I get loads of complements at work from customers or even just hanging about around college. " OMG what jeans are you wearing they're so nice" its the jeggings ;) I think one thing I love about them is its literally like wearing your favourite pair of pajamas out all the time and they look identical to jeans (Every girls dream!) The only down side about jeggings is there is no zips or buttons.. However I'll always style them up with a cute belt and I'm sorted. I cant stress enough this lil fashion hack that I have for myself. Its the worse feeling in the world walking around in jeans that don't fit right and they are mega expensive etc. etc.. when jeggings are half the price. Its just a No from me... so just please go get some!

My fav jeggings?

I'm a massive fan for dark blue or black jegging. This a personal preference as I don't really feel lighter jeggings look as good on me. I get all of my jeggings from new look as they fit me like a glove and look so jean like (if that's even a word)


I think this one speaks for itself really.. who doesn't want a super cute fluffy hat to keep their head and ears warm in the colder months?


I must admit I was never a fan of looking stylish in the winter before, as its blimming cold and I really didn't care... but this winter I'm so in with the jumper top trends... if your not to sure what I mean its a thin jumper that is supposed to look like a long sleeve tee and yes it works as both (I can guarantee you already have one!)  super easy to wear and less hassle with layering!

My fav jumper top?

I'm deeply in love with both the Victorian high neck frills and  the embroidered rose  trends  at the moment ! so defiantly these styles are my go to at this winter.


If your anything like me you live in high necks, day in and day out you have your neck snugged up in one of these numbers. (I think my addiction has got so bad I have about 20 high necks to my name)  I personally love  these tops as you can literally where them with everything. you can dress them up under a skimpy dress or dress down with boots and jeans the possibility is endless! Love Love Love!!

My fav high neck?

I honestly don't have one.. sorry I love them all!!


Again my life revolves around jackets, any chance I get to wear one of these beauties I will. They are the most comfy, stylish and quirkiest item of clothing I own. I just love how you can put on the most dullest outfit and them bam!! military jacket kills the show and your slaying your own runway... simple as pie.

my fav jacket?

Funny enough my top of many military jackets is actually my American army number from Primark!
I love this jacket so much and I cant get enough and it only cost £9 !!!


Leaving  the best until last .. Winter boots have to be my all time  number one must have for winter. I think I have the worlds biggest addiction with boots (Sometimes I wish could just glue them to my feet ) I have no clue why, but I honestly  think they're to die for, always looking super cute with everything you wear and again so comfy to wear on a day to day basis. I think the great thing about the shoe industry is they are always looking for new ways of making boots look amazing with gold panels and tie ups and loads more.

My fav boots?

110% my black leather Chelsea boots
Literally your see me wearing them 24/7 in the colder months... its like a religion to me.


Sunday, 1 January 2017


We all know we are super guilty of the 'the new year, new me' phrase. So here we all are on the 1st of January and everyone's starting there new diets and swearing they will keep their room clean from now on..

Now see the difference is I'm sat here on January the 1st 2017 at 4pm thinking about how I can really push myself this year and achieve amazing things.. No I'm not saying I'm gonna cut back on my dairy milk bars ;I think I've already eaten about 3 of the buggers today! opps 😄.. I'm talking about combining everything I love and have a passion for and create it my reality.

Everyone has dreams right?

Ever sat in you bedroom or on the train staring out the window at your surroundings and ever feel like this isn't where you belong? you can feel all your senses in your body fighting against you whilst you sit and think about everything you want out of life. Maybe you favourite car drives past or you see a beautiful house and you just wish and wish it was all yours? me too..

listen to your gut!!

Now part of me growing up was learning how I work and what I want out of my life, I totally agree with you on this one; finding who you are and where you meant to be is the most upsetting yet rewarding thing you can experience. I was constantly told to listen to my gut and nothing else because your gut "always knows best".

4 years on and I follow my gut insists everyday of my life, If I'm in a difficult situation, If I'm somewhere I shouldn't be and so on and so forth. This has got me to where I am today I personally feel just listening to yourself for even 5 seconds, could change everything!

So maybe that could be your new years resolution?!  listen to your gut and see where it takes you!!

So my 2017?!

I want to make 2017 my best year yet, its a year where so many more opportunities will be opening up for me as I will finally be turning 18 years of age!

For years I've had a love for fashion, travelling and everything girly really. This year is gonna be the year that I keep pushing on and working hard towards my aspirations and goals within fashion, no matter how many times I fall. 2016 was a bit  of a roller-coaster for me but wasn't it for everyone :) however I still managed to plod my way through and achieve some amazing things!

But my most biggest goal this year is to be able to overcome all of my fears, and become the best version of myself.


Welcome to 2017 and I wish you the most happiest, craziest, year of your life!😍😄

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