Sunday, 15 January 2017


As you may or may not know I am currently a fashion student, so its essential that I have all of my sewing equipment on hand when I am creating garments or tailoring.  I feel this will be handy for anyone who wants to start sewing and garment making, or for anyone who is interested in starting a fashion or textile course themselves.

So I got my sewing box from the little habadashiory shop that's not far from my house, However I know that you can get boxes like this from any arts and craft store (the patterned ones) however my first sewing box was simply just a plastic container. So its really just personally preference.

What's inside?

My sewing box consists of multiple ribbons and cottons, I have a habit of picking ribbons up where ever I go, especially if they are really cute! I also have a small collection of scissors, all for different purposes, for example: cutting fabric, cottons and trimming edges. I then have a shelf that is full of all my most used items. these are things like sewing and embroidery needles, pins, measuring tapes, safety pins and thimbles.

I get all of the above from either my local habadashiory, arts and craft store or fabric shop. In Habadashiory things such as pins and sewing needles usually are only sold in small packets and can sometimes be quite pricey so the better option is to browse your local arts and craft store to pick up some better deals. I always make sure I'm topped up with all of my essentials as I'm forever losing pins and needles.

I can't stress how helpful these little boxes are when you're sewing on the go, everything that's in my sewing box is certainly not everything I own... as I would have about 30 boxes to fill, however just having this small box  is super handy for keen sewing bees!!

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